Friday, July 22, 2011

The big day is finally here!

What a crazy crazy week it has been! I took the clomid last week starting on Tuesday and taking it through Saturday and it kinda made me a tad miserable and I think my husband can attest to that. The first couple days I was moody and the last few days I was just plain sad. And my ovaries hurt really badly on the 4th day. The moodiness lasted up until this past Wednesday. I didn't want to talk to anyone except my husband when I was feeling like yelling at someone. My mommy was texting me and I kept apologizing because I just really wanted to be alone. It was making me depressed and I was starting to feel like I was doing this all for nothing. We've been trying for so long and getting no where.

My three tentative IUI appointments were for Wednesday, Thursday and today which is Friday. Basically, on the day you ovulate, you come in the day after and they perform the IUI. For the past year I've been taking ovulation tests and they've been doing this fade thing. There's never really been a big LH surge like everyone talks about. The line just sort of fades and gets darker over a few days until the control line is the same as the other line and then my husband and I sit around trying to decipher the lines, because we honestly never have any idea what is going on when I pee on all these things. They don't actually spell it out for you-- they just put pictures on the papers on the inside of the box and give directions on how to pee on the sticks and then you have to take your best guess on what exactly is going on... anyway, the day after what looks like a surge (or just a darker fade than the day before) it starts to fade out again until the line goes away a few days later. VERY confusing.

Well this month there was no fade. No nothing. Just a bunch of clomid miserableness and a lot of crying and emotional ridiculousness. I even called the doctors office on Wednesday morning at 7am and proceeded to yell at them (and then they yelled back at me and told me to stop yelling lol). They told me to calm down and not worry because Wednesday was the first day that I could potentially be ovulation and I still had a whole week of days that I could ovulate. The nurse kept saying "it's too early to be worrying right now" (Right. HA! Story of my life...) So for the past few days I've been taking the ovulation tests and seeing NOTHING. Not even a hint of a faded line. Well I woke up this morning and had a good feeling that today was going to be my day. Sure enough 45 minutes ago I took a test at work and there was a very dark positive line. Well I called the doctor and he said to come in tomorrow morning to have the procedure done. Tomorrow!!! I had a feeling it was going to happen this way. Tomorrow is my first wedding anniversary and my husband and I have reservations at a hotel in Cape May tonight and tomorrow night but I guess we'll be arriving late. I don't mind and know my husband doesn't mind. We were nervous thinking the ovulation was going to happen after we got there and we'd have to leave early but I'd rather arrive late than have to cut the vacation short.

Prayers to St. Gerard and God have been louder than normal this week. Lets hope they're answered... Thanks for listening everyone! Talk to you all soon :)


teri said...

I'm so excited for you!!!

Holli said...

Oh Ally, this is wonderful wonderful news.... I am SOO happy to read this!!!

I'll continue to send my good thoughts and prayers your way for today.... good luck!!