Tuesday, August 21, 2012

He's here!

My little Liam Glenn was born on Friday August 10th, 2012 at 5:36 pm. I went in Thursday night for an induction, and spontaneously went into labor about 20 minutes before they even started me on the induction drugs. Almost 24 hours later, my little man was ready to come out and we are so excited to introduce him to you all!!!

Mommy, Daddy and our new little bundle!!

Sir in his going home outfit

With Grandma!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tomorrows the big day!!

Well I was supposed to go to see Dr. R tomorrow for an ultrasound so that we could discuss induction but we made that decision a day ahead of schedule!! I went in this morning because I was constipated. Like really, really really constipated and have been for the past few days. usually 1 juicebox of apple juice does the trick for me (since I was born basically) but yesterday.. I can't tell you how much apple juice I drank and NOTHING. All it did was give me bad stomach cramps. It felt like Liams head was blocking my bodys natural path for going to the bathroom!! So I went in this morning to see the doctor because I was in such intense pain I didn't know what else to do. He of course suggested prune juice or Milk of Magnesia and I was getting even more frustrated because I was trying to explain to him that apple juice had the exact same affect on me. So he then did another internal exam and said that the baby wasn't blocking anything so I should try the Milk of Magnesia (which I did btw and it totally worked...) but then he asked if induction was something I was very serious about and if so he would call Dr. R for the go ahead, so... I'm going in this evening around 4:30 and they're gonna give me Cervidil to get my cervix ready, I'm staying overnight obviously, and tomorrow morning they are starting me on Pitocin to induce me. My mother and my husband are both nervous wrecks at the moment but I feel very calm right now. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally excited to be induced, and I'm enjoying watching my mom "nest" at my house. My entire house is clean and she can't seem to sit still lol. Tomorrow by brother and step dad are coming to keep her company while I'm in the hospital, and my husband is meeting me at the hospital tonight. Everything's ready now, all we really have to do is sit around and wait!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

40 weeks!!!

Well a lot has gone on this past month, and my due date is tomorrow!!! I can't believe it's here already!!!  I've been going in for my weekly appointments and last week on Wednesday I had an internal exam and the doctor said I was 1.5 centimeters dilated and 50% effaced!! That was good news to hear since I'd been having some cramping and I'd lost my mucus plug slowly over the past few weeks. The problem was that my blood pressure was high that day. Normally, I have PERFECT blood pressure all the time so for me to have anything other than that was very very strange so they kept me in the office and took it a few more times and even though it went down a little, I went home and it went back up so, they sent me to the hospital for a few hours and their blood pressure cuff showed that everything was just fine and I was sent home. Just to be safe, they had me back in the office on Friday and my blood pressure was back to normal and nothing had changed so I was sent home yet again with an appointment for today, Tuesday, August 7th.

I was feeling restless this weekend because I've basically been sitting around the house waiting for labor to start so I called my brother on Sunday and told him I was coming for a visit, so my hubby and I packed the dog in the car and went to visit for a nice afternoon BBQ and my parents met us there for lunch as well! What an interesting day that was... first of all I was having bad cramps every 15 minutes. We were timing them and everyone thought I was going into labor but after going for a walk and laying down they seemed to dissipate so no labor there... Then my dog decided that she was going to get her period for the first time that day in my brothers kitchen!!! Now she is a giant dog being an Old English Mastiff so we had to go to Walmart and get her depends underwear for women and cut a hole in the back for her tail. This was a first for me... I've never had a pet go through this, and it definitely made the day interesting. No labor for me, but now my dog is in heat so when I DO go into labor, someone will need to come to the house and take care of her!! My little girl is growing up lol....

Anyway, so today I had an appointment this morning and my doctor said I was now 2 centimeters dilated and 70% effaced. At this rate, Liam's just gonna fall out of me!! He also asked if I had much bleeding and I said no, but when he finished his exam there was a lot of blood on his glove. Now up until today I really didn't have much bleeding at all. I mean, the most I'd had was a little bit a few hours after my internal exam last week but that's about it. Today however, looked like I'd just gotten my period and I actually had to wear a pad! But once again the doctor said it was normal at this stage. He also said that he had a feeling that this exam would speed the labor process along, but it's been about 9 hours and I don't feel anything going on.

After I was done being checked I told Dr. R about my family history with births. My mom was about 2 weeks late with both children and therefore had to have c sections for both of us because we were so big and I told him I really don't want to let things go that far, so he scheduled me for an ultrasound on Friday to check the size of Liam and then we will make a decision on whether to induce me or not. I'm hoping I go into labor before then however, but it doesn't feel that way at the moment. Keeping my fingers crossed though :) I promise to update as soon as little man makes his appearance!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Bumpdate 36 weeks and Nursery Pictures!!

Today marks 35 weeks and 6 days. and I can't believe how close we are to meeting our little Liam!! Everything is done in the nursery, and all of our bigger things downstairs (swing, bouncer, pack n play, stroller) are assembled and in place and ready and waiting for his arrival!! This week has been kind of hilarious though because we're babysitting my moms cat Roan and he seems to think all the baby apparel belongs to him and is just there for him to have fun with!! Roan and my cat Bob have been having SOOO much fun in the pack n play and the bassinet up in the bedroom, but it's been driving my husband and I absolutely nuts! I've also noticed my hormones has been going sorta crazy.. everything I watch on tv makes me cry, or I feel bad for everyone, or I just start crying randomly for no reason. I'm also incredibly uncomfortable all the time. My legs and back hurts, my boobs hurt a lot, I can't sleep at night because I can't find a comfortable position in bed and my gigantic belly seems to be weighing me down every time I lay down and try to get comfortable to sleep!! Aside from all this however, I can't WAIT to meet our little Liam, and I would do it a million more times!!
My moms cat Roan sleeping in the Bassinet upstairs

my 36 week bump :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Bumpdate with pictures! Almost 33 weeks!!

I've been slacking on my blogging for the past few months, I know, and I do apologize. It's just, there hasn't been much to report! I had my shower which was wonderful and a week later I went to my cousins shower (she's due 2 days after me, also with a boy!) and my husband and I drove to Williamsburg, Virginia and went on our babymoon! We had a blast and I have a few pictures to post. I also had my prenatal massage which was my mothers day gift from my momma, and it was seriously needed, and it felt WONDERFUL! I've never had a massage before, and it really was such a relaxing experience!
My bump! I'll be 33 weeks on Wednesday, and this photo was taken at 30 weeks but I don't think I've grown that drastically from then until now. I'll post a new one next week with the nursery pictures.

Our ferry ride out of Cape May was so foggy you could barely see anything, but there were dolphins swimming alongside our boat!!

The boats at the Jamestown Settlement

My hubby in the Military barracks at Yorktown.. this tent was for an officer and compared to the other tents, it was huge!

Holding hands with Pocahontas! Jamestown was our favorite place out of the whole trip. It's an actual archaeological dig site where they are still finding new artifacts every day. It was fascinating! They said it would be about 20 years or so before they would be done excavating the whole area!

The nursery is finished and I'm starting to get a little overwhelmed when I walk into it. Everything is in it's place but for some reason I feel like I need to re-organize everything or write a list of everything that's in it and keep it on hand.. maybe It's nesting, maybe it's just anxiety but there's so much baby stuff, that I've never used before and I'm afraid I'm going to get overwhelmed when I finally have Liam and then forget where I put everything, or forget where to find things I'm going to need! And I feel crazy every time I think about it!!! I'll try to post pictures next week of the finished room...well almost finished.. my hubs needs to fix something in the closet and then it's all done. Crazy that we're so close to having Liam already!! We can't wait to meet him!

I'll post another update with pictures next week. My doctor scheduled me for an ultrasound because he says I worry too much, which is absolutely true, but miscarriages, infertility and IVF don't ease a pregnant woman's mind, no matter how far into her pregnancy she is. Every time I see him I ask him if I'm gaining enough weight, or too much, or what position the baby is in and if everything sounds fine and he can feel my belly but he can't give me definitive answers. He uses the doppler every visit and but I didn't even pay attention to it this last visit. I've had so many questions about the baby and they can't be answered unless I see him. He keeps saying that everything feels fine and everything with me is perfect and he really is a great doctor, but he can't tell me what position the baby is in because my uterus is hard and the baby's not big enough yet so... Ultrasound next week on Wednesday and more pictures after that. Talk to you all soon!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Third trimester is finally here!!

The second trimester seemed to last FOREVER, but week 28 began on Wednesday and now I'm officially in the home stretch!! My belly is getting bigger, but I'm in the in-between stage of clothes where the mediums are a wee bit too small and the larges are a wee bit too big just yet, but at the rate I'm going, I should fit into them in no time. Liam moves almost constantly. I haven't had much time to rest because the moment I sit or lay down he immediately begins to move or kick (it kinda feels like he's doing yoga in there), in fact, I have my laptop resting on my belly and he's kicking right now and making it move as I'm typing this. He certainly is a strong little guy!
My baby shower is this Saturday and I'm really looking forward to seeing all my friends there, I feel like it's been so long since I've had any fun since I became pregnant! There's not much for us preggies to do, and now that I'm getting bigger, it's getting even harder to get around or not want to take naps constantly lol.
Our babymoon plans are made as well! My husband and I are driving to colonial Williamsburg in Virginia on June 1st and we are really looking forward to it. We've been wanting to go there for months now and he finally got a 4 day weekend at work so he immediately booked it, and my mom agreed to come babysit the big baby Ruby-- our English Mastiff puppy that weekend as well as out cat Bob so all is in order for our big trip. I just have to deal with a ferry ride over the Delaware as well as a 20 mile bridge ride into Va. Might I also mention that I have a serious bridge phobia... my husband saw this bridge on TV, apparently it's the longest bridge in the world and he's been dying to drive over it because he loves bridges.. we are quite opposites he and I.. I'm not exactly looking forward to this but it might be the only chance he gets to do this so I'll try not to freak out too badly..
Aside from that I'm just trying to relax these next 2 months or so before the baby comes. The nursery is pretty much finished-- we got our final piece of furniture last night which was our very VERY comfortable rocking chair and my mom came last week to get us our stroller, and yesterday in the mail I got a very nice surprise which was the Baby Mat Play Place off of my registry from my friend Holli!! Out of all the things we've gotten to prepare for the baby, that gift made me cry when it was delivered yesterday, I wasn't expecting it at all, so I just want to say thank you sooo much to Holli, you are such a sweet person for thinking of us!

That's all for now, Hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

So sweet!!

I had to post this because it was so sweet!! My pregnancy cravings for the past few months have been pretty normal with what most women want-- chocolate, pickles, ice cream, salty stuff and sweet stuff as well as citrus things but recently I've been craving cole slaw really badly, and not just any cole slaw. Theres a little mom and pop diner by us called "Shut up and eat!" that makes the BEST homemade cole slaw. All the waiters and waitresses wear pajamas and patrons are encouraged to come to breakfast in their pajamas as well (you get a 12% discount on your check if you do!) and we usually have breakfast there on Saturday or Sunday mornings. We go so often that they now know us there and everyone is so nice. Today I walked in NEEDING their cole slaw like no ones business. I was telling our waitress about how badly I was craving their specific cole slaw during this pregnancy and we ordered a side of it to take home with us because the store bought stuff wasn't doing it for me. Not even the good deli cole slaw could compare with this, and any pregnant woman knows that when you're craving something, you want that and only that. There is no settling. A few minutes later the owner walks over to our table with a side of cole slaw for me to eat with my chocolate chip waffles, which I devoured immediately and then she gave me an entire bag of cole slaw and said it was on the house because it was for the baby! So sweet!!