Saturday, March 31, 2012

So sweet!!

I had to post this because it was so sweet!! My pregnancy cravings for the past few months have been pretty normal with what most women want-- chocolate, pickles, ice cream, salty stuff and sweet stuff as well as citrus things but recently I've been craving cole slaw really badly, and not just any cole slaw. Theres a little mom and pop diner by us called "Shut up and eat!" that makes the BEST homemade cole slaw. All the waiters and waitresses wear pajamas and patrons are encouraged to come to breakfast in their pajamas as well (you get a 12% discount on your check if you do!) and we usually have breakfast there on Saturday or Sunday mornings. We go so often that they now know us there and everyone is so nice. Today I walked in NEEDING their cole slaw like no ones business. I was telling our waitress about how badly I was craving their specific cole slaw during this pregnancy and we ordered a side of it to take home with us because the store bought stuff wasn't doing it for me. Not even the good deli cole slaw could compare with this, and any pregnant woman knows that when you're craving something, you want that and only that. There is no settling. A few minutes later the owner walks over to our table with a side of cole slaw for me to eat with my chocolate chip waffles, which I devoured immediately and then she gave me an entire bag of cole slaw and said it was on the house because it was for the baby! So sweet!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

21 week update with pictures!!

I had another ultrasound this morning, accompanied by my husband and my mommy. If we hadn't gone to the ultrasound tech last month, we would be finding out the gender of the baby at today's appointment, so I almost laughed when the doctor asked if we wanted to know the gender, not knowing that we already knew, and we all said yes, and then he told us and no one seemed all that excited about learning that fact because we've all known for over a month now haha. Anyway, we got some great ultrasound pictures and we saw him moving and waving his arms and legs again. I'll post 2 of the good ones and then a few other pictures from this week :)

His little profile

This picture we all got such a kick out of. Sometimes babies are uncooperative during their gender scans and the doctors can't tell right away, but this little guy was ready for his close up!! Those are his 2 legs, spread eagle showing the world that he is, in fact, a boy!!

My husband came home with this last week. We've been having so much fun buying clothes for this little guy.

This is me with my other baby... my 9 month old English Mastiff Ruby, who acts like a toddler most of the time, but as we have learned already, is WONDERFUL with children. They can pull her tail or her ears and run around her and she is so gentle and just sits there and allows them to do whatever they want to her. She's gonna be a great Nana in a few months and we love her so much.

And finally, a picture of the little baby bump. Please don't mind the pasty complexion lol, It's been a long winter and even though I live in NJ, pregnant ladies can't tan, no matter what Snookie thinks. People keep saying I look great for 21 weeks pregnant and that my belly is still pretty small, and once again the doctor told me today that my weight gain was relatively low (7 pounds since the start of pregnancy) and I really find that hard to believe because, as I told Dr. C this morning, I crave the most random foods including chocolate pudding which I've been eating almost on a nightly basis (and then also for breakfast this morning lol ) and tons of Taco Bell which I have to lie to my husband about for the most part :P

We still keep up with our prayers and thank god daily for this gift. I am also thankful for ice cream, chocolate pudding, taco bell, cole slaw, chocolate chip pancakes and pickles! And I hope that I can find good excuses to eat all of these things after the baby is born lol

Thursday, March 22, 2012

So much to write about!!

It's been quite a while since I've posted and part of it is because I haven't been to the doctor very much, like I was during the in-vitro process and that's when I would mostly blog, but I'm in my second trimester now and so much has happened!!

I'm now in week 20, so according to my doctor I've officially hit the halfway point in my pregnancy!! For someone who never EVER thought they would ever be pregnant, it's very surreal to me, as well as my mom, who seems amazed to see her daughter with a pregnant belly and some ridiculous food choices/cravings. We've been working on our nursery and it's actually almost finished. When we first moved into our house in November of 2010 the room across the hall upstairs was sooo creepy that we actually kept the door shut until I got pregnant. We used to refer to it as the crack den because it looked like a creepy room you would do drugs in.. no floor, no light fixtures, the walls had one coat of primer over a very dark paint color, the windows were full of dust and in the middle of the room was a small couch and an old box of tissues lol. For a while it turned into our junk room from all our other projects throughout the house, but then this past November I got pregnant and we realized we could actually start working on that room!!

We painted the walls a nice yellow color and we now have our crib, dresser, changing table, pack n play, bouncer, and a ton of new clothes for the little guy!! My mom informed me that my shower was going to be in May, but we were so excited to be having a baby that we already have diapers and clothes and socks and already a large selection of onesies and bath towels... My husband and I do like to plan ahead and make sure we have absolutely everything we need!!  The only piece of furniture we didn't buy was the rocking chair and that is on our registry along with a few other cool things at babies-r-us. Oh and this past weekend we put up dark blue curtains that goes very nicely against the yellow walls.

Onto the little guy in my belly... ok so about 3 weeks ago I was reading my pregnancy app on my iPhone (it gives me a tip every day about how to deal with various things throughout your pregnancy and how to prepare yourself as well as your partner for the arrival of your little bundle) and it was mentioning that I should be feeling him move. Now when my second trimester started I was feeling absolutely wonderful! Not even pregnant!! No nausea, just a little tiny bit of acid reflux but really barely that at all. Now anyone who knows me well knows that I worry about just about everything and being pregnant has been no easy ride for me. Every little tiny feeling has had me worrying and calling my husband up crying and freaking out and calling the doctor. That only got worse in my second trimester. I started feeling great and thinking there might not be any baby in there because I'm feeling so great!! Of course that was so far from the truth because my belly was growing so much and I wasn't even really noticing it! Finally my husband lost it on the 4th day in a row of me calling him up crying and complaining that I could swear something was wrong and he told me to go online and rent a Doppler, which I did and have only used 3 times now when I was really freaking out... anyway, last week on Thursday evening I was in NY and watching a Broadway show and right in the middle of the second act I felt 2 kicks right in my lower belly!! Of course I started texting everyone and I was so excited but that was all I really felt. It was very sporadic. I'd feel him every other day and only at night until yesterday, he was moving ALL day since the afternoon until dinner time and then this morning again around 6:30 am. I've also found that he moves when my giant English mastiff's head is on my belly snoring. Apparently that wakes him up and makes him move around!!

So I think it might be time already to return the Doppler. My next ultrasound is a week from today and both my husband and my momma will be there for it and we are all very much looking forward to it! I promise to blog again soon and not get lost in the world of "those who used to blog every now and then." Those people annoy me, I certainly don't want to become one of them!!! We are still praying, and now thankfully we can pray for a healthy delivery!!