Monday, June 18, 2012

Bumpdate with pictures! Almost 33 weeks!!

I've been slacking on my blogging for the past few months, I know, and I do apologize. It's just, there hasn't been much to report! I had my shower which was wonderful and a week later I went to my cousins shower (she's due 2 days after me, also with a boy!) and my husband and I drove to Williamsburg, Virginia and went on our babymoon! We had a blast and I have a few pictures to post. I also had my prenatal massage which was my mothers day gift from my momma, and it was seriously needed, and it felt WONDERFUL! I've never had a massage before, and it really was such a relaxing experience!
My bump! I'll be 33 weeks on Wednesday, and this photo was taken at 30 weeks but I don't think I've grown that drastically from then until now. I'll post a new one next week with the nursery pictures.

Our ferry ride out of Cape May was so foggy you could barely see anything, but there were dolphins swimming alongside our boat!!

The boats at the Jamestown Settlement

My hubby in the Military barracks at Yorktown.. this tent was for an officer and compared to the other tents, it was huge!

Holding hands with Pocahontas! Jamestown was our favorite place out of the whole trip. It's an actual archaeological dig site where they are still finding new artifacts every day. It was fascinating! They said it would be about 20 years or so before they would be done excavating the whole area!

The nursery is finished and I'm starting to get a little overwhelmed when I walk into it. Everything is in it's place but for some reason I feel like I need to re-organize everything or write a list of everything that's in it and keep it on hand.. maybe It's nesting, maybe it's just anxiety but there's so much baby stuff, that I've never used before and I'm afraid I'm going to get overwhelmed when I finally have Liam and then forget where I put everything, or forget where to find things I'm going to need! And I feel crazy every time I think about it!!! I'll try to post pictures next week of the finished room...well almost finished.. my hubs needs to fix something in the closet and then it's all done. Crazy that we're so close to having Liam already!! We can't wait to meet him!

I'll post another update with pictures next week. My doctor scheduled me for an ultrasound because he says I worry too much, which is absolutely true, but miscarriages, infertility and IVF don't ease a pregnant woman's mind, no matter how far into her pregnancy she is. Every time I see him I ask him if I'm gaining enough weight, or too much, or what position the baby is in and if everything sounds fine and he can feel my belly but he can't give me definitive answers. He uses the doppler every visit and but I didn't even pay attention to it this last visit. I've had so many questions about the baby and they can't be answered unless I see him. He keeps saying that everything feels fine and everything with me is perfect and he really is a great doctor, but he can't tell me what position the baby is in because my uterus is hard and the baby's not big enough yet so... Ultrasound next week on Wednesday and more pictures after that. Talk to you all soon!