Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tomorrows the big day!!

Well I was supposed to go to see Dr. R tomorrow for an ultrasound so that we could discuss induction but we made that decision a day ahead of schedule!! I went in this morning because I was constipated. Like really, really really constipated and have been for the past few days. usually 1 juicebox of apple juice does the trick for me (since I was born basically) but yesterday.. I can't tell you how much apple juice I drank and NOTHING. All it did was give me bad stomach cramps. It felt like Liams head was blocking my bodys natural path for going to the bathroom!! So I went in this morning to see the doctor because I was in such intense pain I didn't know what else to do. He of course suggested prune juice or Milk of Magnesia and I was getting even more frustrated because I was trying to explain to him that apple juice had the exact same affect on me. So he then did another internal exam and said that the baby wasn't blocking anything so I should try the Milk of Magnesia (which I did btw and it totally worked...) but then he asked if induction was something I was very serious about and if so he would call Dr. R for the go ahead, so... I'm going in this evening around 4:30 and they're gonna give me Cervidil to get my cervix ready, I'm staying overnight obviously, and tomorrow morning they are starting me on Pitocin to induce me. My mother and my husband are both nervous wrecks at the moment but I feel very calm right now. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally excited to be induced, and I'm enjoying watching my mom "nest" at my house. My entire house is clean and she can't seem to sit still lol. Tomorrow by brother and step dad are coming to keep her company while I'm in the hospital, and my husband is meeting me at the hospital tonight. Everything's ready now, all we really have to do is sit around and wait!

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Holli said...

I'm very behind in reading blogs as you can see but still enjoyed reading about the events past tense now.... so exciting!