Thursday, July 14, 2011

3 days in...

This is some crazy stuff. I took it Tuesday morning at 6:45am and felt fine fine fine until about 12:45 pm. All my side effects seemed to hit me all at once, and now that I'm on day 3 they're getting a bit stronger. When everything hit me around lunch time I was a little of everything-- a little nauseous, a little lightheaded, my head hurt a tiny bit, I was a little moody for a little while and every once in a while I would get a hot flash and go into the kitchen and stick my head in the freezer to cool off.

Day 2 was a bit worse because I was very sad. When the doctor says moody he doesn't just mean angry, I was very sad and crying and then happy and a little short tempered. Still nauseous and lightheaded and my head was still hurting from the day before, but all in all it's been manageable. The only thing that's a little annoying is the night sweats. Hot flashes are a side effect of clomid and I seem to only get them when I'm sleeping now. 2 nights in a row I've woken up in the middle of the night so I'm going to assume this is how it will be from now on while I'm on it.

Today is day 3 and when I took it this morning I didn't automatically become nauseous like before and I thought things were getting better but right when I got to work I became very lightheaded. And now I'm moody. I just got off the phone with my husband after being upset and then apologizing and then being upset.. it's a vicious cycle now. God bless him for taking all of this in stride and still being right there with me and offering me hug after hug after hug, even though I've been yelling at him and complaining for 2 and a half days now. the nausea and headaches have gotten a bit worse day by day. There's not really anything I can do about it because I really really don't want to take Tylenol or Advil or anything that could stop the clomid from doing it's job--I just want to be as safe as possible. For now, I'm trying to keep my mouth shut and my head down at work so I don't get myself in trouble. I need a nap.

Talk to you all soon.


Holli said...

Oh that would be so hard to deal with.... hang in there! :(

teri said...

I think today was your last day taking it, so I hope you'll start feeling better tomorrow.