Friday, December 16, 2011

Little miracles do happen :)

My husband took the day off yesterday to go to my first ultrasound with me and we were so incredibly nervous. It looked ridiculous, we sat in the room waiting for the doctor to come in, heads down, no talking... just waiting (me with my paper skirt and no pants on). I kept looking at my husband going.. go get Dr. B!! I can't sit around much longer, I'm going NUTS!! Anyway, he finally came in and we talked very little about symptoms and what not and then he said, "well you're at 6 weeks, so today we might be able to see a heartbeat, but if we can't, it doesn't mean it's not there, it just means it's too small to see right now so don't be nervous if that doesn't happen.", Then he stuck his magic wand in me and I think time stopped for a second. It's really hard for a non-doctor to read those ultrasound screens. Especially when you're as nervous as my husband and I were. We weren't seeing anything at all.. we weren't sure what we were looking for to begin with, but we were sure that we weren't seeing anything until Dr. B said.. "there it is" and everyone let out a huge sigh of relief!! We got to see it's little heart beating there on the screen and then he magnified the sound we actually got to hear the little heart beating. It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen and heard and I'm still in shock at this moment.

Then we talked about symptoms. Yesterday morning was the first time I got morning sickness throughout this whole experience. I've been having dizziness, but no real sickness caused by food, however, sitting at the diner with my husband and my mom, the combination of all the different smells was completely overwhelming and I couldn't eat anything without the thought of throwing it back up. We actually had to clear most of the plates from the table and then eat saltines. So I told that to Dr. B and then I also mentioned that nothing seemed appetizing to me, which is very true. I walk around the kitchen constantly looking for something to eat and I have a million options and I don't want any of them. You know, and then I don't feel well. So Dr. B said, he doesn't mind if I'm not gaining weight right now, but he does mind a lot if I'm losing weight, so I need to force feed myself whatever I can swallow right now. I've been working on that.

Ok and the best part about this whole thing? No more PIO shots!!!!!!!!!!! Dr. B said they officially ended yesterday and all I have to do is continue with the progesterone cream from now until the end of the first trimester which is January 25th and my official due date is August 8, 2012. The crazy thing is, Dr. B said next week on Friday is our last appointment/ultrasound with him and if everything looks good then, we can start going to a regular ob/gyn. Amazing, but scary. We are switching doctors though, or last gynecologist, when we told her we were having problems conceiving, she blew it off and told us we were worrying too much. Sounded like every other person we knew, saying "oh, you need to relax." Right. That's why we had to go through the all these fertility treatments before getting pregnant through IVF. We wont be going back to her, I can tell you that. Now that I am pregnant? I'm gonna need someone who takes me seriously, especially during these next 8 months.
Anyway, that's all for now. Talk to you all soon :)


Holli said...

Ultrasounds are so fun and exciting... I loved that part of being pregnant! I'm so happy that you were able to see and hear the heartbeat... it's so cool and such a joyful thing to experience. That's awesome Ally! I'm so very happy for both!

teri said...

Wow. Your fertility doctor gets to stick his magic wand in you? No WONDER he has such a success rate! But should you be letting that secret out?

Hattie said...

Hello! Got to your blog through CycleSistas. Congrats on the pregnancy and seeing the heartbeat!

My due date is August 9 and we had our u/s on Wednesday. I literally thought I was going to pass out waiting on the dr to get the machine ready. She asked me some info to type into the machine and I immediately started crying. I have never felt such relief as when she said the words "strong heartbeat". Completely unreal.

Good luck through your pregnancy. Praying we both get our babies in August.

Anonymous said...

Stopping by to say hi. I am a new follower and also newly pregnant. My 6 week u/s is Tuesday. I just wanted to say CONGRATS and let you know my betas also started out low. GL with your MS! Hopefully it won't get too bad.