Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wednesday's Doctor Appointment

Oh gosh where to begin. So I ended a few days ago wondering what the doctor was going to tell me that I didn't already know, or wanted to hear. No, nothing is wrong with me physically. I took his tests and I'm taking the Folic acid and baby aspirin daily. The HSG test found nothing. So where do we go from here? Well he gave me 2 options. One was major, the other, not so major. The first option was IVF. My husband and I both felt that right now that option wasn't for us. We have always felt like IVF was a last resort type thing, and believe me if it gets to that point somewhere down the road we would be happy to go ahead with it.

As for us, we chose the not so major option which is IUI. Basically, he gave me a prescription for Clomid which I take next month. I take the OPK's and on the day of the LH surge, I go in and they squirt the sperm right into my uterus. I'm laughing as I write this but I can't think of any other way to describe it.

It's exciting to think about and my fingers are still crossed that I get pregnant this month without the help of the doctor. I had a positive OPK this month which is something that hasn't happened since the miscarriage so that's promising, and we've been doing everything right on schedule and taking the medications and praying every single night. For now that's all we can do for the next 2 weeks. I hate this part. Half the month flies by, and the rest just drags on and on until AF day. Anyway, thanks for listening. Gotta keep praying for a pregnancy. Off to say our prayers to St. Gerard and go to bed.


Holli said...

I think everything that you're doing so far plus the Clomid is going to be the magic concoction for you! I'm going to send those thoughts your way... I'll be thinking of you!

Ally said...

thank you so much! We have our fingers crossed. It's getting harder to keep up hope every month, but this doctor seems to have a lot of faith so we can only keep hoping! :)

teri said...

It's important to have a doctor like that. I'm glad you like him!

Holli said...

Keep up the hope and faith Ally.... that's a great positive thing to put out into the universe!

I have a friend who had problems getting pregnant... everything they tried up until the Clomid didn't work and then as soon as her doctor put her on the Clomid.... she was pregnant. It was like that was the missing link. I don't know what your "missing link" will be in this journey... but you'll find it. I know you will :)

Holli said...

How are you doing Ally? Eveything ok?