Thursday, October 13, 2011

First appointment with the IVF coordinator

Well, we had our first appointment on Monday with the IVF coordinator. We made ourselves sick worrying about it because we have never gone to that doctors office and had a good appointment or gotten good news so we were wondering just WHAT was in store for us. Every time it's "well you have a huge ovarian cyst, or you have a blood clotting disorder that makes it harder to get pregnant, no the clomid didn't work again, no the IUI didn't work.. I see some fluid in your uterus and I don't like it" Seriously, not ONCE have we had a good appointment, but this time, the stars aligned and for once all was right with my uterus. Thank you Jesus for that.

So, the very first step in the IVF process is going on birth control so I don't ovulate this month. It's so nice to not have to pee on ovulation sticks for once, but it's a little strange going on birth control. He says he has to time when I get my period so he can time everything else. So I've been on birth control for 2 weeks and my ultrasound looks great... the cyst is completely gone, the fluid is long gone, nothing negatively new in the old baby making basket (They also did an infectious disease (STD) test before the whole thing started and we were both completely fine. Let me tell you-- no matter what anyone says, even if you're 100% sure you don't have any STD's, it's still a huge relief when they call you and say you're perfectly healthy lol).

Here comes the best part... So we're on this mega high from having our first GREAT ultrasound and the IVF coordinator comes in with our next step in the process. Now we were both under the impression that the shots began November 4th, AND that they were injectables like my eppi pen. We couldn't have been more wrong (this is another great example why you should never believe what you read on the internet). So the IVF coordinator comes in with this syringe and this little tiny glass bottle or fluid and she starts showing my husband how to fill it up and where he will be injecting me. And I think time stopped for a whole 45 seconds and then the blood left my head so fast I thought we were both gonna pass out. She made it looks so simple. "Oh it's so easy, the Lupron should come in the mail by next Tuesday and you will need to start the injections on Thursday morning. It's so easy!" the nurse kept on saying how easy it was and even she could do it but I mean come on, you're a nurse of COURSE you can! This doesn't come second nature to us non-nurses here. Especially my husband, who expressed great concern months ago when we began entertaining the idea of in-vitro.

It is something we're gonna have to get used to though. Once the Lupron shots end, we start shots of the fertility drug. If all goes well and babies magically appear in my uterus at the end of all this, I will need to go on Heparin shots for my first whole trimester, so basically shots start next Thursday and (fingers crossed) end sometime in February!

Still praying, but mostly saying thank you to God this month. Our biggest fear was that SOMETHING was gonna happen and they were gonna tell us we had to postpone it another month but nothing like that came up. Kinda sorta starting to get excited now. Just kinda, though.


marilyn said...

okay! I am so excited for you. When you look are going to be amazed how fast it goes. But while you are in feels like slow motion and you are sometimes a main character in a opera...singing and crying and all that fun stuff! lol
So..the needles are a little scary..not easy for soemone who is afraid of needles( me) But..once you do the first does get really easier. IVF is not easy..and any doctor that goes tells you this is just really annoying. ANyways..please post and let us know how we can help and support you

thriftytoo said...

Wow Ally..You are very brave..I don't really like needles myself..but will do so if necessary..keep up your positive attitude..Prayers as always for you.

Holli said...

I'm excited for you!!! I'm happy that you're getting good news for once.... that's wonderful. I had to give myself shots for my diabetes when I was pregnant and I had an injectable pen and I also had to do my morning shot the way you're having to with the vial and all that. It really is easy once you get the hang of it. I second guessed myself the first five times probably and then it was no problem.

teri said...

I'm so happy you got good news this week -- you deserve it. Marilyn's comment about feeling like a main character in an opera is great. I admire the fact that you have a positive outlook and you're doing what's necessary to work toward your goal. Hope the shots go ok.

Ally said...

Thank you everyone for your comments. They really mean a lot to me. And yes I do agree with Marilyn. Every time we go to the doctors office I am overcome with all different emotions and then all the times in between it's a huge build up of what is the next appointment going to be like and what's going to happen next. I just hope I can go through with all of this and tough it out. Every once in a while I start to feel like it's too much and I'm in over my head, but I have a goal in mind and I know it will all be worth it in the end.

Christina said...

Hi! One of your readers, Holli, directed me to your blog. I just want to give you a big cyber hug! I'm so happy you're getting some good news, and that things look like they are moving forward! I'm having trouble conceiving as well, so I know what you're going through. (We've been trying for a year now.) Thank you so much for sharing your story, and I look forward to reading more.